Firstly, some background: In February 2020, after months of preparation, Resolute Media was preparing to run a 6 week $150,000 promotion. The following is a graphical summary of the Resolute Media services included in the prize packages - primarily for Authority Marketing and Extended Reach and Awareness...
Due to two key events (COVID-19 emerging and the Doomsday Clock moving to 100 Seconds to Midnight for the first time in its 74 year history), we deferred this promotion and other projects indefinitely to focus solely on one primary service - Content Repurposing.

We now intend to proceed with the delivery of many of the above elements primarily for our Content Repurposing clients in 2021. However, with Covid still with us and many global risks still increasing, we'd like to employ the assets in a more helpful and productive way than simply a commercial promotion.  

More specifically, we are going to be launching our 100 Voices Project in March 2021. As background, we prefer to take on "Voices of Reason" as Content Repurposing clients (and vice versa). 

From March 2021 onwards, we'll be inviting certain clients to also be one of the featured Voices and authorities in the 100 Voices Project. 

This will be by invitation only and will be only for selected Content Repurposing clients who fit our criteria. 

The original $150K asset base supporting the sidelined 2020 promotion above has now grown to over $200,000. 

This asset pool will not be used solely as commercial prizes for just a few now. 

Rather, these items will be used to promote worthy, featured members of the 100 Voices Project over the months ahead in 2021 and beyond.

NB:  There will be no additional fees to be featured and promoted in this high profile way as a member of the 100 Voices Project.

More details to follow soon...